A Unified Theory of Syntactic Categories

         Argues for and characterizes fundamental asymmetries across the four lexical categories (Chs 1-3)
         Comprehensive data and analysis for English and Spanish present participles (Ch 2)
         Introduces late lexical insertion of free and inflectional morphemes (Chs 4 and 5)
         Covers predicate nominal and prepositional properties of the copular P as (Ch 6)
         Fully justifies that all C must be identified as a special sub-case of P (Ch. 7)
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A Unified Theory of Syntactic Categories. Dordrecht: Foris Publications, 1985, 356 pages. Presently owned and distributed by Mouton de Gruyter, Berlin. A rather complete and detailed review of this volume is: Elliott, W. Neil (1987) Language 63, 620-625.
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