Lexicon and Grammar: The English Syntacticon

         Provides an explicit (generative), syntax-based theory of "well-formed lexical entry"
         Argues systematically for c-selection and against s-selection, developing an "LF Case Filter" to predict possible complement combinations
         Assigns theta roles via principles rather than by lexical stipulation
         Correlates the traditional dichotomy of inflection and derivation with a theory-based difference in insertion level.
         Demonstrates that for English, "possible lexical entry" coincides with the range of attested complement structures
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A rather complete and detailed review of this volume is: Morita, Junya (2003) "The Lexicon-Syntax Interface," English Linguistics 20, 584-608. The full response of the author entitled "The Computational Lexicon" appears in the 2005 issue of the same journal.
Lexicon and Grammar: the English Syntacticon. Berlin: Mouton de Gruyter, 2000, 470 pages.