Who Are We? 

Takao Gunji, Ph.D.
Director of the Institute

Area of specialization: Formal Semantics, Mathematical Linguistics, Information Sciences  
Research interests: Formal analysis of natural language using the HPSG framework.
E-mail: gunji@sils.shoin.ac.jp

Joseph Emonds, Ph.D.  

Area of specialization: syntacticon, generative grammar, morphology  
Research interests: interface between lexical and syntactic modules.
E-mail: jeemonds@sils.shoin.ac.jp

Hideki Hamamoto  
Area of specialization: English Linguistics, Semantics  
Research interests: Meaning of adjectives and verbs, functions of negation, and the structure of irony.  
E-mail: hama@shoin.ac.jp
Hiroshi Inazawa
Area of specialization: Information Science  
Research interests: Theory of associative memory, Neural Networks and Genetic Algorithms, especially the mechanism of recall and storage of memory.  
E-mail: genzoh@shoin.ac.jp
Jackson, Alan  
Area of specialization: English Language, British Culture  
Research interests: Second Language Acquisition, Teaching Methodology, Bilingualism  
E-mail: alan@shoin.ac.jp
Yoshiaki Kashimoto  
Area of specialization: Linguistics; Semantics and Pragmatics  
Research interests: Grammar and Meaning; Pragmatic Meaning and Function of Utterances  
E-mail: kashi@shoin.ac.jp
Hiroya Katsumura  
Area of specialization: The Literature of Wisdom in the Ancient Orient  
Research interests: Aphorism in the literature of Ancient Egypt and Old Testament. His research interest covers folklore, legends, and myths of the world.
Yoshikazu Katsuyama  
Area of specialization: Linguistics; Syntax  
Research interests: The interaction between linguistic form and meaning.
E-mail: yama@shoin.ac.jp
Mari Kikuchi  
Area of specialization: English Education  
Research interests: Language Acquisition, mainly Second Language Acquisition, recently in vocabulary learning  
E-mail: mari@shoin.ac.jp
Kenjiro Matsuda, Ph.D.
Area of specialization: Sociolinguistics, linguistic variation
Research interests: explain the general mechanism of language change/variation by the Sociolinguistic method through quantitative analysis of actual change
Recent writings:here 
E-mail: kenjiro@shoin.ac.jp
Michinao Matsui, Ph.D.
Area of specialization: Psychology, Linguistics (Phonetics, Phonology)
Research interests: Cognitive and generative processes of human language. The interaction between hearing processing and the cognition of speech sounds.
Recent writings:here 
E-mail: matsui@sils.shoin.ac.jp
Taisuke Nishigauchi, Ph.D.
Area of specialization: Semantics, Syntax
Research interests: The interface of syntax and logical structure; Contrastive syntax (Japanese and English); Language Acquisition Theory
Recent writings:here 
Keisuke Ogata
Area of specialization: Linguistics, Japanese
Research interests: Description of the linguistic knowledge comprising Japanese Grammar, as a founding science contributing to language teaching.
Toshiko Sakurai  
Area of specialization: English Language Teaching  
Research interests: Ms. Sakurai's current research focuses on the input of English grammatical rules into an analytic sentence parser.
E-mail: toshikos@shoin.ac.jp 
Web Site: http://www.shoin.ac.jp/~newslet/news13/sakurai.html
Philip Spaelti, Ph.D.  
Area of specialization: Linguistics; Phonology  
Research interests: Variation in reduplicated forms.  
Recent writings: here 
E-mail: spaelti@sils.shoin.ac.jp
Yamamoto, Yutaka, Ph.D.  
Area of specialization: Philosophy  
Research interests: Ethical Theory, Philosophy of Law, Logic, Philosophy of Language  
E-mail: yy@shoin.ac.jp

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