KACL Lecture Series

#46: Prof. Seiki Ayano

Mie University
and Prof. Masaaki Kamiya

Hamilton College

Title: The Theory of Multi-level Nominalization: Evidence from Verbal Nouns in Japanese

Date: Friday, January 26, 2007, 14:00--18:00
Place: Konan University Room 1015, first floor of Bldg 10

The nominalizing suffix -ing derives three types of nominal in English: result nominals, event nominals and verbal gerunds. Following Emonds°« (2000, 2005) theory of multi-level insertion, this paper focuses on the difference that results from pre-PF nominalization on the one hand and PF-nominalization on the other. Pre-PF nominalization targets the head of a phrase, which derives either a result or event nominal, while PF nominalization targets an entire phrase, which derives a verbal gerund with a VP-internal structure. The multi-level nominalization analysis receives crosslinguistic support from Japanese verbal nouns that are required to undergo nominalization by the merger with a null nominalizing suffix.

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