KACL Lecture Series

#6 : Rajendra Singh
University of Montreal
Title: Remarks on whole-word morphology (with apologies to Panini)
Date : Apr 23, 2001, 13:00---
Place : Big Conference Room, 3rd floor, Faculty of Letters, Kobe University

An outline of the theory of Whole Word Morphology,various aspects of which have been presented in several recent publications by the author and his co-authors,will be presented.As the main elements of the theory are its elimination of sublexical units, used by neo-Paninians from Bloomfield to Kiparsky,and its re-integration of morphophonology(or lexical phonology)into morphology,an attempt will be made to justify them.Some brief remarks on the history of morphology will provide the background needed to appreciate the contrast between traditional Paninian or neo-Paninian ways of doing morphology and the ways to be recommended in the lecture.


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