KACL Lecture Series

#5 : Vera I. Poddleskaya
Institute of Linguistics, Russian State University of Humanities (Deputy Director)
Title: Adversative Constructions in Discourse
Date : Jan 16, 2001, 15:30---
Place : Big Conference Room, 3rd floor, Faculty of Letters, Kobe University

Two Russian biclausal coordinate adversative constructions based on the two Ruussian analougues of the English conjunction BUT will be compared. These adversative conjunctions are NO 'but/though' (closer in meaning to the Japanese KEREDOMO), and A 'but/while/and' (closer in meaning to the Japanese GA). These two constructions function differently in naturally occuring discourse which will be demonstrated basing on the corpus of Night Dream Stories - oral narratives elicited from children, who were instructed to tell in as much detail as possible about the night dream (s)he had. This discourse-oriented case study will be shown to be relevant for developing the typological basis for cross-linguistic comparison of clause-combining devices.


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