Mark Scott, Katrin Dohlus, and Gábor Pintér: 時間知覚における視聴覚情報の相互作用
Seeing geminates and hearing singletons: A pilot study

by Mark Scott, Katrin Dohlus, and Gábor Pintér

This paper presents the results of a pilot study on the McGurk effect for consonantal length distinctions. Subjects saw a video of a speaker pronouncing a geminate consonant and simultaneously heard an audio consonant that varied in length from trial to trial. Despite the fact that subjects showed a fusion of visual and auditory information with respect to place-of-articulation, no such fusion occurred for phonological-length information. This suggests that different forms of visual information are integrated into speech perception differently. This is perhaps because duration-perception is more reliable in the auditory modality and so any disagreement between audition and vision with respect to the duration of a stimulus results in the visual information being disregarded.

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