Grammar Teaching and Communication \\ --- Separability and Interdependence

by Ken Tamai

Since the development of communicative language teaching in the mid-1970s, grammar teaching has tended to be less emphasized in the classroom. The curriculum set by Monbusho has subsequently been altered with greater emphasis on the development of communication skill. Ironically, however, grammar teaching still is central to language teaching in Japan's school education, while communication is at its periphery. This article first looks back at Japan's English education since the Meiji-era and traces its history to see by what process the current enigmatic pedagogy of grammar teaching has been formed. Secondly, the recent paradigm of grammar teaching within the framework of communicative language teaching is discussed. The author's underlying premise is that grammar and communication are not independent of each other but are closely interwoven carrying contextual information at their bases. As a successful model that integrates grammar and communication, Larsen-Freeman's pie chart is introduced.

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